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Terrazzo Cleaning and Restoration

Terrazzo Cleaning – By its own nature should be carried out by a professional company in most cases, however…

There are some exceptions to this where StoneTech UK Ltd  can offer a comprehensive advice and even training on certain aspects of cleaning and stone and tile cleaning and sealing products along with some fairly routine cleaning methods and equipment requirements which can be hired in from our company.

Terrazzo  cleaning involves the initial appraisal of the degree of wear, contamination and desired appearance, where this has deteriorated over time and use , it is possible to fully renovate, rejuvenate and restore this man made product  and its beauty .which contains cement additive to a marble terrazzo chipping colour variation.

We use a number of methods depending on size and individually designed installation.

Firstly we protect all surfaces which are not being worked on,  the Terrazzo will then be cleaned with a neutral detergent such as faber neugel as a preferred product range or lithofin wexa  to soften and remove any surface contamination, we then proceed to evaluate the first stages of rejuvenation , if its purely ingrained contamination we introduce slow rotation machinery and selected floor pads coupled up with a solution of faber products from Italy   as preferred  or in the past we have used lithofin products.

With time and gentle persuasion the surfaces become live and vibrant and clean again including jointwork.

Further stages of process involve finish surface types and desire for example matt finished with faber sealer application honed finish with faber sealer applications polished finish with faber polishing products.

The systems designed to work on flooring, vanity units counter tops, wall cladding ,columns  in fact anywhere where Terrazzo is present.

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