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Stonetech UK Limited  provides a full training package for use of the acclaimed Faber range of products and also un use and handling of stone working machinery, cleaning polishing,sealing, scuff & scratch removal, stain removal etc.

Our training packages are designed for

In house maintenance for cleaning companies,  purchasers and users of the professional range of FABER products from Stonetech UK Limited.

Range of training


  • Identification of main range of stonework material types i.e. marble, granite, limestone, slate, Terrazzo etc.
  • Identification of the suitable products to maintain the stonework.
  • Understanding material safety data sheets for the various products.
  • General safety measures for use of machinery & products.


Practical training

Use of machinery combined with specific products, degree of wear or maintenance required and application of products for various scenarios and type of stonework.


Once students have achieved a good standard of the above, a full qualification certificate will be raised to confirm successful completion of course.

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